Updated on 01 January 2018

This Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) will assist you to understand more about the goods and/or services offered by HSAUTO Furnishing Pte Ltd and will be updated from time to time.



Q: What is the benefit of having HSAUTO space-saving system?

1. Convert, transform, and multiply the use of a conventional space into a multi-purpose convertible room:

  • Guest room
  • Study room / Work desk
  • Discussion room (e.g. Projects / Meeting)
  • Dry Pantry / Breakfast table (e.g. Food preparation / Dining)
  • Playroom (e.g. Toddlers, Babies, Kids)
  • Entertainment room (e.g. Gaming / Karaoke (KTV) / Mahjong)
  • Activities room (e.g. Gym / Yoga / Weight-lifting / Dancing / Multifaith)
  • Dressing room (e.g. Changing / Make-up)


2. Ease of housekeeping

3. Convenience for opening, closure, and cleaning of windows

4. Neat and tidy

5. Spaciousness, save up to 80% space


Q: Why choose HSAUTO space-saving system?

1. Safety is our main priority

2. Durable for long-term usage

3. Practical application

4. Design is customizable

5. Value for money


Q: What is the origin of HSAUTO space-saving system?

HSAUTO space-saving system is our exclusive in-house innovation, which is researched & developed in Singapore.


Q: Why create HSAUTO space-saving system?

At HSAUTO, we aim to create innovation that assists to transform and multiply the use of available space, and further enhance individual lifestyle by incorporating technology design.

We further aim to curb the space restriction on the growing trend of apartments with smaller floor area being developed within our highly-dense city, by complementing with HSAUTO systems.


Q: What are the operation choices of HSAUTO space-saving system?

You may choose from our 2 operations method, either

1. Manual operation, or

2. Automated operation equipped with the remote controller.


Q: What are the available sizes for HSAUTO space-saving bed system unit?

  • Single 3ft bed
  • Super-single 3.5ft bed
  • Queen 5ft bed
  • King 6ft bed

Note: For King 6ft bed, we will need to determine whether it can fit in your elevator or staircase for delivery, and a surcharge may apply.


Q: What does each HSAUTO space-saving bed system unit come with?

HSAUTO space-saving bed system unit each comes with a bed head, and bed frame of standard design and selected colours to choose from. Size ranges from single, super-single, queen, and king.

Top-up options are available for selection such as bed head cushion; top hung cabinet; finishing selection; mattress; and much other customized preference.


Q: What are the available sizes for HSAUTO space-saving table system unit?

  • Table W700mm (May utilize for study, work, dry pantry, group meeting purpose)
  • Table W900mm (May utilize for dining, food preparation, group discussion purpose)


Q: What does each HSAUTO space-saving table system unit come with?

HSAUTO space-saving table system unit each comes with a table frame, tabletop, and bedside table of standard design and selected colours to choose from.

Top-up options are available for selection such as swing panel; top hung cabinet; finishing selection; and other customized preference.


Q: What are the materials used for my HSAUTO space-saving system?

All system structure comes with metal frame internally. Carpentry used are plywood, laminate with veneer PU exterior finishing, white or coloured PU interior finishing, and ABS edging. Lifting system are operated by gas hydraulic.


Q: What is the warranty for HSAUTO space-saving system?

HSAUTO space-saving system unit comes with two (2) years complimentary in-house mechanism warranty for normal operation usage. Extended warranty up to ten (10) years may be purchased at an additional cost. Warranty does not cover wear & tear, damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence, or tampered with. (Note that all bedding items must be removed before closing the system)


Example 1a – Sound occurs from mechanism (Covers under warranty)
Example 1b – Sound occurs due to improper usage of system (Due to misuse, does not cover under warranty)


Example 2a – Bed does not close properly due to mechanism misalignment (Covers under warranty)
Example 2b – Bed does not close properly as forget to keep items away before closing (Due to negligence, does not cover under warranty)


Q: Where does your space-saving mechanism come from?

Mechanisms are from Korea and Taiwan.


Q: Does my HSAUTO space-saving system require frequent maintenance? Are there parts available for replacement?

HSAUTO space-saving system requires minimal maintenance. It will be advisable to contact us if there are any operational issues. If your warranty period had expired, there will be charges for transportation, servicing, and parts replacement.


Q:  Can I just purchase the HSAUTO space-saving mechanism parts?

Due to safety guidelines, we do not sell the mechanism parts separately. You had to purchase HSAUTO space-saving system unit as a whole.


Q: Are mattress inclusive with the space-saving bed system unit?

The mattress is sold separately. You may choose to reuse your existing mattress or may choose to purchase ‘King Koil / Four Star / Sleep Night / Wonder Land / Sweet Dream’ mattress from us. You may acquire mattress from us at a discounted price if purchased together with our HSAUTO space-saving bed system. Mattress warranty is to be covered by the respective brand manufacturer.


Q: What is the optimal dimension of the mattress?

Standard mattress sold in the Singapore market with the thickness below 8-inches. The dimension of the mattress is to be confirmed before fabrication starts and must be on-site on installation day for product balancing.


Q: Can we use a thicker mattress (which is more than 8-inches)?

Yes, the client had to advise if a thicker mattress (more than 8-inches) is required. The depth of HSAUTO space-saving system will also have to increase accordingly to accommodate the mattress thickness.

Note: For the thicker mattress, we will need to determine whether your bedroom length can fit in for usage, and a surcharge may apply.


Q: Where do we keep the bedding items (pillow, bolster, and blanket)?

Option 1 – Keep inside existing cabinet or wardrobe

Option 2 – Depth increases to D600mm with storage

Option 3 – Depth increases to D600mm with pillow space

Option 4 – Side or top hung cabinet for storage

Option 5 – Other customize cabinet design


Q: What is the withstand weight for HSAUTO respective products?

  • Small Table – 30kg withstand weight
  • Study & Dining Table – 50kg withstand weight
  • Single & Super-Single Bed – 150kg withstand weight
  • Queen & King Bed – 250kg withstand weight


Q: Is it detachable if we moved to a new property in the future?

Our HSAUTO space-saving system can be dismantled and reinstall in the event of house shifting. Minor touch-ups of the exterior finishing might be required depending on the existing condition and shifting procedure. Shifting and touch-up rates apply.


Q: Can HSAUTO space-saving system fit into condominium common room?

Our HSAUTO space-saving system is designed to fit into the smallest room possible, even in a household shelter. However, whether it can fit in your desired unit size and unit quantity will depend on your existing layout of your room. We will require your original scale layout plan to provide an estimation and provide confirmation upon site measurement.


Q: Can we customize the size of HSAUTO space-saving system?

Yes, it can be customized to your desired size, however, alteration charge applies as it differs from our standard dimensions.


Example 1: Shorten bed length to fit into smaller household shelter (Need to customize mattress as well)

Example 2: Shorten table length (Minimal length is 1 meter – handle area)

Example 3: Lengthen table length (Due to safety guidelines, check with innovation R&D department)

Example 4: Shorten table width (Minimal overall product width is 500mm)


Q: What is the duration of delivery lead-time?

Delivery lead-time start upon confirmation of sales agreement, receivable of deposit, finalizing design details, selection of colours, providing mattress dimension, and site measurement, whichever is later.

  • Manual system lead-time: Approximate 4 to 8 weeks
  • Automated system lead-time: Approximate 8 to 16 weeks

Note: Delivery lead-time are subject to changes accordingly to latest production schedule provided upon confirmation.


Q: What is the duration of installation lead-time?

Installation lead-time is approximate 1 to 2 working days per unit, depending on the site situation.


Q: I need the space-saving system urgently, can you assist to delivery earlier?

We appreciate your understanding that we work based on the first-come-first-serve basis to provide a fair practice for all our customers. Our production will only proceed upon receiving all information required as stated above.

For customers who have not yet collected your new house keys for us to proceed with site measurement, you may wish to confirm all information such as sales agreement, design details, selection of colours, and mattress dimension first. This will fasten the lead-time process once we visit for site measurement.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

We are currently situated in Singapore, and international shipping is based on case-by-case basis. We will gradually announce when plans to launch new showroom internationally is finalized.


We welcome investors and developers to contact us directly for a business opportunity to collaborate. Interested parties may email to info@hsautofurnishing.com


Q: What are the costs involved in international shipping?

International shipping is based on a case-by-case basis, with packaging, freight, service, labour, and other miscellaneous charges apply.


Q: Can I ship and assemble the system myself?

For safety guidelines, all our space-saving systems were to be installed by our specialist as the products need to be secured to the wall. We are very sorry that we are unable to sell standalone units. Thank you for your understanding.




Q: Where can I find your HSAUTO space-saving system price list?

Kindly check with our sales representatives for the latest rates as our price list will change from time to time.


For price queries on system add-ons and all other space-saving system products, please visit our showroom for product demonstration for more understanding first, and compare around for market price before your commitment to purchase from us.


If you have not viewed our HSAUTO space-saving product demonstration before, we apologise that we are unable to provide more pricing details over the phone or message, as it may create confusion and misunderstanding.


Q: Why is the current month’s price is higher than previous months?

We are currently promoting and increasing market awareness on our HSAUTO space-saving system innovation. The selling price will gradually increase to our usual price eventually. You may visit us for product demonstration first, and compare around for the market rates. Thank you!


Q: What are the available payment methods?

  • 0% interest-free instalment plan (IPP) for all Standard Chartered credit cardholders.
  • Instalment options available for other bank credit cardholders, but you will need to clarify with your respective banks on the criteria and processing fees.
  • Cheque
  • Internet Banking
  • Nets



Q: What is the Lowest Price Guarantee?

Our Lowest Price Guarantee ensures that the Client will always get the lowest price of HSAUTO space-saving furniture systems they can find in the local market. Within 90 days from the date of purchase, the Client can show us the competitor's proof of price by means of an image of a similar product price tag, advertisement, catalogue, etc. The Company will then review and verify the price to facilitate the refund of price differences, limiting to once per item. The refund will be processed within 30 working days.


Q: Why is GST chargeable?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a regulation by Singapore Government for all companies over annual 1million taxable turnover. For evasion of tax, there will be penalty fee, fine, and/or imprisonment.




Q: What services can I acquire from your company?

  • HSAUTO Space-saving System (Manual & Automated)
  • Customize HSAUTO Innovation and Technology
  • Space Planning
  • Carpentry Work
  • Projects & Tenders