HSAUTO Furnishing

HSAUTO Furnishing

At HSAUTO Furnishing, we specialize in innovating, researching and developing our own series of in-house space-saving systems, branded exclusively as ‘HSAUTO’.

HSAUTO is established with aims of creating space-saving solutions for the benefit of all, by incorporating technology design to transform our space, to complement the growing trend of apartments with smaller floor area being developed within our highly-dense city.

Learn more on how you can create your convertible room by incorporating our technology into your interior design!

Our HSAUTO space-saving system is invented using the 5 innovation aspects in the technology design.

Choose from a selection of manual or automated mechanism according to your preference, and enjoy our complimentary 2-years warranty, with an option of extension of the warranty up till 10-years.

Now you can transform your space, and enhance your quality of life with HSAUTO space-saving technology. Together in this ever-changing world, let us move towards the era of technology design.

HSAUTO is a company based in Singapore, with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and renovation industry, specializing in residential, commercial, office, retail, hospitality, government & private tenders projects.

We have adopted the use of advanced computerized manufacturing machinery to ensure productivity, increase efficiency, enhance quality, and lower our cost of production. In return, we provide high-quality products at affordable pricing to our valued customers.

With our 10,000 square feet factory, office and showroom, we also cater one-stop renovation, interior design and build services, customize carpentry, and space planning at affordable rate for your comparison.